Look for the green light!🟢

 From 2022 onwards, all cars at the top level ofthe FIA World Rally Championship feature hybrid electric powertrains.

With this comes new precautions for spectators and safety crews in the event of a crash due to the high-voltage electrical current they can generate. 

This is why you must always look for the green light whenever a car is stationary before touching it, as only this means the car is safe.

🟢 Safety lights are on the windscreen and both side pillars of the cars. Following an accident, a solid green light means it is safe to touch.

🟢 The HY symbol shows that this is a hybrid car. From 2022 onwards, all Rally1 cars have hybrid engines.

🔴 A flashing red light, along with an alarm sound, means the car is unsafe. No light means it is potentially unsafe. Only touch the car if there is a green light.

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