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Important information about tickets

In 2024, the ticket sales for Secto Rally Finland Finland continue the transforming more towards digital tickets. However, limited amounts of most ticket types will still be also available in traditional physical formats. Ticket information will be added to this page when more ticket types are available to purchase.

NOTE! The Event Organiser reserves all rights for possible changes due to still possible restrictions and Covid-19 related official orders set on different event areas etc. The Event Organiser cannot be held liable for possible limitation caused for the usage of the pre-purchased tickets by these official restrictions and orders and therefore these will not be considered as a basis for a refund / partial refund for pre-purchased tickets.

Ticket types and prices

Ticket prices for the 2024 Secto Rally Finland will be published when the route is confirmed. Until the route is published, rally passes are available for purchase in same prices than 2023.

  • Currently available Rally Passes for purchase
    • Rally Pass (Collectors Edition/physical)
    • Bikers’ Pass (Collectors Edition/physical)
    • Rookie Pass (Collectors Edition/physical, ages 12-17)

Physical rally passes


  • Traditional physical Rally Pass, Collector’s edition

A special edition of a traditional physical Rally Pass that entitles one to visit all event areas (special stages, service park, etc).


  • Collector’s edition of the traditional physical Bikers’ Pass

The Bikers’ Pass is every biker’s number one purchase, including all the benefits of the Rally Pass and a parking sticker entitling you to free motorcycle parking in designated P-areas and near the Jyväskylä Pavilion service area. P-zones will be specified in the spectator guide.


  • Traditional physical rally pass for 12-17 years old, Collector’s edition

Your own junior rally pass now available also as a Collector’s Edition Pass and at the usual reduced price! The highly popular Rookie Pass is a pass for 12-17 year olds, which includes all the benefits of the Rally Pass, but at a reduced price for juniors. Please be prepared to kindly provide proof of age with your ID.

Delivery of Collector’s Edition passes

Collector’s Edition passes can be ordered from our online shop to a Finnish postal address. Delivery will take place at the end of June 2024 and passes ordered later than 30th of June should be collected from the Official Ticket Office in Jyväskylä.

Customers with a foreign postal address can also buy Collector’s Edition Passes from online shop. In this situation, you must pick up your passes from the Official Ticket Office. Customers with a finnish postal address also pick up their passes from Official Ticket Office if they choose the pick up option.

Online Ticket Store Customer Service

Rally Finland online ticket store service provider is the organiser of the event AKK Sports Ltd. You can contact our web shop customer service via email:

Please note that our customer service can be a bit jammed especially when the 2024 Rally Finland ticket pre-sales is started. All messages will be answered as soon as possible, however, at certain times the answer might take a bit longer than expected. 

Free of charge entrance

Rally fans under 12

Rally fans under the age of 12 can enter all special stages and Jyväskylä Paviljonki events free of charge when accompanied by a parent.

Personal assistants

Personal assistants (1 per person) for visually impaired or physically disabled ticket holders are also admitted free of charge to all the special stages and the Paviljonki events.

All rights reserved.

Parking fees – reserve cash

Please have cash with you when entering the parking areas at the special stages. Parking areas are administered by the local clubs, landowners or other private parties, not by the rally organizer. The rally organizer has strived to coordinate a parking fee between 5 to 10 €.

However, the fee can be different depending on the special stage and the parking area organizer. The rally organizer is unfortunately not able to control the fee and quality of all parking areas.

Subject to change. All rights reserved.

Lassi Paju
Ticket Sales Coordinator
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