Secto Rally Finland offers its partners various chances to be seen and heard and to make a difference as part of a top international motorsport event.

Secto Rally Finland is proud to continue the long and strong tradition of the Finnish round of the World Rally Championship. Rally Finland, which has many times been awarded as the best World Championship Rally of the year, is also one of the biggest annual public events in the Nordic countries. AKK Sports Ltd, the event organiser, builds its partners the very best forms of co-operation on a case by case basis and according to their wishes. Partnership with the legendary motorsport classic also brings a chance to co-operate with a wide high-quality network of partners that now includes almost 40 different parties and players.

Check out our partners and please contact us, we are happy to tell you more.


Markus Häkkinen
Chief Operating Officer
Petteri Nikkanen
Commercial Director
Linda Vekka
Event Coordinator

Official Partners


Secto does not sell cars. We sell uncomplicated car experience. With digitalization and new drivers, mobility is undergoing a huge transformation. As a domestic growth company, free from long traditions and stone-carved structures, we challenge traditional car ownership models and create new solutions based on the needs of our customers, with a view to the future.

We offer all options from car ownership to leasing to both individuals and businesses.

We employ 90 motivated professionals. We are one of the Finnish super growth companies of the 21st century. The 10,000 vehicles of our 4,000 customer companies travel on Finnish roads in our tender care.


Welcome to Jyväskylä, the seventh largest city, and one of the five most important urban regions in Finland. Jyväskylä is particularly known as a city of education and sports. There are 143 000 residents, and about 42 000 of them are students. The dense city centre and the lively countryside constitute an excellent environment to live in. Approximately 110,000 residents live within a ten-kilometre radius from the centre, which means that the distances are short. The pedestrian area and the continuously expanding city centre with their hotels, shops and restaurants are the pulsating heart of the city. The Jyväskylä airport is situated in Tikkakoski, and it takes about twenty minutes to get there by car.

Päijänne, the second largest lake in Finland, is an essential part of Jyväskylä. Lake Päijänne provides magnificent boating, recreation, travel and fishing opportunities. Jyväskylä region is also known as the Sauna Region of the world.

The youthful and active Jyväskylä is a versatile city of culture and events. There are theatres and concerts to suit all tastes. The city has dozens of choirs and successful performers of jazz and rock music. The region has the largest number of buildings designed by the world-famous architect Alvar Aalto than anywhere else throughout the world. That is why the city is also called as the capital city of Alvar Aalto. Specialties in regard to museums include the Craft Museum of Finland, the Aviation Museum and the Alvar Aalto Museum. Experiece Jyväskylä Region – Finland at its purest!


Central Finland has many faces.  Our economy relies on sustainable utilization of renewable biomass. We have high quality education and research and we are forerunners in cybersecurity. Landscape in Central Finland is characterised by forests and lakes.  We are a growing destination for tourism, including both winter and summertime leisure activities. Our cultural life is vivid and characterised by various events for different tastes.

Regional Council of Central Finland is a joint municipal authority in charge of regional development.  In our work, regional development goes hand in hand with regional land use planning. Our goal is to create wellbeing of the citizens, business and environment in Central Finland.

International cooperation enables us to develop our regional strategy, to learn from other experienced regions and other actors, and to share our knowledge to create new ideas and innovations. We are eager to cooperate, and willing to use our regional networks for project development. On European territorial cooperation level, our region is a part of Interreg Baltic Sea region and Northern Periphery and Arctic programme. We have also experience on Interreg Europe  programme and Life programme (integrated projects, IP).

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