Taking pictures & videos

All rally fans are free to take photos on the special stages – in the areas where spectators are allowed – and share their photos in for example social media. However, please respect the privacy of other rally-goers. The safety stewards and other Rally Finland officials have the right to prevent picture taking in certain situations, for example if there is a safety risk involved in taking a photo.

Rights to all moving images are the property of WRC Promoter GmbH. Any video-footage shown outside your own home requires an agreement with the rights holder, who also have the right to request the removal of unauthorised material from any website or other distribution channel.

Drones and quadcopters

The use of drones (or quadcopters), which have recently become increasingly popular, is strictly forbidden in the entire rally area – whether it’s for taking photos or flying just for fun.

The entire area of the rally is under strict flight restrictions to ensure the safety of all on the air and in the ground and any unauthorized flight will be a breach of this and subject to penalties from the authorities.

Also, bear in mind that it is strictly forbidden to place cameras into spots where they can be hit by rally cars – whether the camera is on a gorillapod, a selfie stick or any similar contraption. All cameras placed in such spots will be removed by the organiser.

Thank You for your co-operation and welcome to the rally,
AKK Sports Ltd.

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