Special Stage Tickets

Special stage tickets can be bought from the Secto Rally Finland app, the webshop and the special stage entrances. 

Special Stage Tickets

  • Shakedown Rannankylä – 20€ in advance, 25€ on site
  • SS ticket, Harju – 25€ in advance, 30€ on site
  • SS ticket, both runs – 30€ in advance, 35€ on site
  • SS ticket, single run (only latter run) – 20€ in advance, 25€ on site

Note! There are own tickets for Harju Special Stages (Harju 1 and Harju 2).

The Secto Rally Finland App

Special stage tickets are available for purchase from the Secto Rally Finland app until 6.8.2023. Digital tickets come directly into the app at the beginning of the event week. 

Download the application from the App Store or Google Play.


Special stage tickets can also be purchased from the webshop. In this case, the tickets will be emailed as pdf tickets.

Special Stage Entrances

In addition, special stage tickets can be bought at the entrance of a specific special stage on the day of that special stage. However, please prefer the pre-purchased e-tickets. 

At the special stage entrances, the most common payment cards are accepted. Please also bring cash as the Internet connection required for card payments cannot be guaranteed at all ticket offices. 

Please make sure you have an “even money” for your ticket purchase, so that the purchase transaction goes as smoothly as possible. The maximum amount of money accepted is a €50 banknote.

Read more about the tickets on our website.

Photo: Toni Ollikainen/AKK

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