Fans had a change to simracing at Secto Rally Finland

Spectators at Secto Rally Finland were being encouraged to sample motorsport for themselves, through 20 professional racing simulators situated in the Jyväskylä service park.

The sims were installed as part of the AKK’s Flying Finn DigiRigi campaign, which has been created by Finland’s motorsport governing body to introduce young people to the thrills and fun of motorsport.

The simulators have been provided by Overpower, a company that specialises in building simulator rigs. CEO and co-founder Olli Pahkala is an experienced simracer who has competed in esports for the McLaren Formula 1 team and in Formula E. He is passionate about all motorsport and is proud to be a part of the AKK’s campaign.

“We’ve been distributing simulators all around Finland to the local motor clubs, teaching them how to use them,” he explained. “The aim for the campaign is to enhance youth work and give them more tools to offer an opportunity for young people to enjoy motorsport.

“I really like it because motorsport in general is really close to my heart. It’s a way of giving something back to society and you cannot ask for more than sharing something you really deeply love. I’ve shared that joy with people all around the world through Overpower.”

On Thursday before the start of Secto Rally Finland, the stars of the FIA World Rally Championship came together to sample the simulators in the service park. “We did a little show for fans to race with them,” says Olli. “Everyone here can come out and have a go.”

Photo: Onna Viestintä

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