Atte, Maiju and Pauno share with us their past experience as volunteers of Rally Finland.

You want to volunteer for the 70th Edition of Rally Finland but you don’t know what is all about? Atte, Maiju and Pauno, who have been helping us over the years, are sharing their experience as volunteers at Rally Finland. This year, it could be you! 

Atte Koskinen 

Rally Finland have been a part of my life since I was 10-year-old. I began my volunteering in Media Team when my mum, who worked there, started to bring me with her to the event. I started volunteering doing what I could and what I could be trusted with. I arranged media vests in right numeral order, attached badges to lanyards and delivered post between Media Centre and Media Accreditation. When age, understanding and skills grew, also responsibilities grew. In later years I was given a chance to write stories for the website, help running Rally Finland social media, help in accreditation and do work independently. 

As a volunteer, you get to see and experience the event in a unique way. You have a chance to be a part of something bigger, see how big event is built behind the scenes and contribute for something that makes people happy. These great experiences eventually led me to study and learn how to become an Event Producer at the University of Applied Sciences. Many of my classmates share a same kind of story of their own. Excitement for career in events have sparked through volunteering for a local event. 

I thank everyone in rally organization that trusted me and gave me these responsibilities. Working with such variety of jobs in international surroundings at any age is something that has a unique value in your future life.

Maiju Kolsi

My experience as a volunteer in Rally Finland has been great. I have been part of the media team for a few years now and worked especially in accreditation. There, I mostly helped with domestic and international press, and I was also in charge of moving everything that was needed to the accreditation place and back to HQ in Paviljonki with some help. 

Working at the rally was fun. In the team we always had a blast and helped each other out if something was difficult. Some of us were more experienced and we had some new faces too, so the experienced ones guided and gave precious information to the new people. I’ve made so many new friends during the rally weeks and there are quite a lot of them.

Pauno Järvinen

I have worked in the rally team for 5 or 6 years. First, I was a runner with my cousin and after a couple years I joined the media team, working in the media center and helping at the accreditation desk. My job at the media center included customer service for the press and organizing the press conference. At the accreditation office we accredited the medias and gave general instructions about the rally and the city of Jyväskylä. 

I have always waited for the rally week for the whole year. The days are very long and sometimes very hectic but thanks to a great team, it doesn’t feel like hard work. The team spirit in there is something that I have not experienced anywhere else. Even though volunteers are not paid, they will have great experiences and I think those are much more important than a remuneration. Of course, we can go to the rally stages for free but the great plus working in the media center is that there’s a big screen which shows all the stages live through the rally.  

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