Secto Rally Finland’s tickets sales have started well

Ticket sales for the Finnish World Rally Championship, Secto Rally Finland, have started very well. After two very challenging years, good demand has even surprised the event organiser AKK Sports.

The most popular tickets, Rally Passes, have been available in the online store since spring as both physical and digital versions.

“At the moment, tickets are being sold at an even faster pace than in 2019, which was also a very good year for us. This has surprised us in a positive way, because with the COVID-19 pandemic, people’s buying behavior has changed significantly and the purchase decisions are done very late. Moreover, given that there is more events in Finland this summer than ever before, Secto Rally Finland has clearly been able to maintain its strong position in this competition”, says Markus Häkkinen, the Chief Financial Officer of AKK Sports.

In addition, the success of Kalle Rovanperä in the WRC and the dominant leading position in the championship reflect to both ticket sales and atmosphere.

“Kalle is driving a fantastic season and it’s strongly reflected in our sales, but also in the atmosphere of the entire Secto Rally Finland organization. We are waiting the beginning of August very much. Kalle is literally driving the entire sport and his home rally known both in Finland and around the world – and the hype is rising day by day”, Häkkinen says.

Photo: McKlein

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