The carbon footprint of the Neste Rally Finland eChallenge waste management will be zero, thanks to L&T

L&T AKK Sports Ltd. will work together to reduce the carbon footprint of the Neste Rally Finland eChallenge on 8th of August by providing carbon-neutral waste management for the event.

Zero carbon footprint waste management – what is it all about? In practice, it means that the carbon footprint of the event’s waste management is first minimised as much as possible. The remaining emissions are measured and then offset as part of the emissions trading mechanism.

Emissions trading is an effective method for cancelling out emissions that cannot be avoided. Emissions offsetting is done by removing an amount of carbon that is equivalent to the emissions from the atmosphere through certified afforestation projects.

Let’s take responsible action together to protect the environment for now and for the future – Find out more about carbon-neutral waste management from the L&T website (in Finnish). 

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