Behind the Secto Rally Finland scenes: Massimo Bettiol

Massimo Bettiol. Photo: Stéphanie Pichard.

Everything you always wanted to know about photographers chasing the best WRC pictures around the world.

Some words with Massimo Bettiol. 

Massimo, we see you guys having a dream job, close to the best actions, how would you describe your job? 

We are always in a hurry, never eating correctly, we lose our luggage, and we are away from our family way too often!!

How long have you been in the job and how did it all start? 

It started more than 20 years ago for me. I was working as a technician for electrical appliances, and I felt I needed a change in my life. Then it really went on like a dream: I followed my passion for photography and started as a free-lance in Italy with a local rally, the Bassano del Grappa in 2001. It was one day after Sept 11!  

I sold some pictures on my very first rally!!!  And it just went on. 

What was the weirdest situation you found yourself in? 

2019 Australia atmosphere in the Service Park, after we were told the rally was cancelled because of the fires. 

The scariest?  

Jordan rally in 2011, crossing the Palestinian board and ending up in front of militaries. They stopped us with their guns, we tried to argue but not for long!!!

What do you do when you have dreadful weather? 

I take an umbrella! 

One rally which is special to you as a photographer and why? 

Jordan Rally as everything is suitable for pictures, each corner, each landscape, the entire itinerary was amazing, a real pleasure for a photographer.

One rally special to you as a person? You’re not allowed to mention Sardinia because we know you live there!!

The first edition of Turkey rally in Antalya, sounded like the “real” Turkey. Relations with the people was incredible, very sincere. So different from Europe, very emotional. 

What can you tell us that the rally community doesn’t know about you?

I can easily cry in front of a puppy. 

I like that rallies are in nature where I can see many animals. 

Text: Stéphanie Pichard

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