Behind the scenes: Sirpa Tuomi

Everything you have always wanted to know about some of the volunteers!

Some words with Sirpa Tuomi.

Sirpa, we’ve seen you around for the last 22 years, can you tell us your story?   

I first came to the rally in 2001 as I was working for Neste, and I took some customers to watch the event. As the Marketing Director of the Rally Title sponsor, from 2009 on, my job was to answer all needs and requests especially regarding facilities. 

What is your job now and why have you decided to volunteer for the rally? 

I love this event and wanted to give a hand. As I know many people here, I managed to help on the organization of the sustainability seminar on Thursday. Moreover, we’ve organized the Prize Giving ceremony for the National Rally Saturday and we’ll supervise the organization of podium together with the WRC people at the end of the event. 

Tell us about a great achievement of yours in 2014!

As the main sponsor of the rally, we organized a thrilling event in the Helsinki streets. The Neste Oil Rally Helsinki Battle. Actually, a show run that turned out to be a huge popular hit! It was a unique rally experience featuring some actual star drivers and some legends from the past. It was a great way to promote Rally Neste Finland and all stakeholders loved it including M. Alen, M. Ostberg, S. Ogier, T. Neuville, J. Kankkunen, T. Mäkinen, J. Hänninen, M. Hirvonen, J-M. Latvala, M. Grönholm just to name them!!

What are the most unusual requests you have had as Neste Marketing Director and responsible for sponsorship?

I remember that we would have visitors coming with our own trains or through direct flights from Helsinki. One year, one of our VIP (very very important!!) wanted to fly back with a life size carboard portrait of Jari-Matti Latvala!!!!! Going through security at the airport was hectic but I managed to have it through!!!!

What was your dream job as a kid? 

Interpreter for diplomats to hear interesting conversations!

Stewardess or prosecutor!

What can you tell us that the rally community doesn’t know about you? 

I’m so extravert that everybody knows everything!

More seriously, I don’t think I have ever mentioned that I do Flamenco and tap dance. 

Text and photo: Stéphanie Pichard

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