Behind the Secto Rally Finland scenes: FIA Media Delegate Vera Dussausaye

Everything you always wanted to know about the FIA Media Delegate. Some words with Vera Dussausaye.

Can you explain us the role of the FIA Media Delegate? 

My role is to work hand in hand with the promoter and the organizer and especially the national press officer so to run the event as smoothly as possible. 

We plan all media operations related to the event; we provide the guidelines for the set-up of all media facilities. It includes also the management of media activities, promotion, meet the crews, media management, and media accreditation.

What were your previous professional activities? 

I had one main employer for twelve years (Red Bull network), holding different positions. I worked a couple of years for the National Red Bull office in France then at the international headquarters in Austria. 

What means of communication do you prefer and why? 

What I certainly enjoy the most is direct communication with the media.  I really appreciate being in direct contact with all the stakeholders. 

Tell us something memorable that happened to you in Finland. 

In 2014, I was invited to co-drive with Sébastien Ogier during essays with Volkswagen in Jämsä. 

The word “memorable” doesn’t describe half of it!!!!! 

What has been your most enriching experience as the FIA Media Delegate?

I would not mention one experience in particular but certainly a type of experience. The fact that we work in such different environments from one rally to the other. From Croatia for example where you know everybody to adapting to Kenya that is less familiar and where it is both challenging and exciting. 

What was your dream job as a child?

To become an archeologist or an anthropologist.

What can you tell us that the rally community doesn’t know about you?

My first motorsport project with Red Bull was at Pikes Peak with Sébastien Loeb and Peugeot Sport. Because Sébastien wanted to adapt to altitude, we went hiking quite often and I remember sharing moments with him admiring marmots on top of the hill…!

Text: Stéphanie Pichard

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