M. Rautio Ltd. joins Arctic Rally Finland as one of the main partners – “Let’s pay it forward locally!”

Arctic Rally Finland, the first Finnish round of the FIA World Rally Championship to be organised in Rovaniemi on 26 – 28 February 2021, has got a local supporter in business influencer Markku Rautio.

Markku Rautio, known also as a constructor of bridges in Lapland, has entered into a partnership contract with the Arctic Rally Finland organiser AKK Sports, with the aim of bringing revitalising co-operation opportunities to the entire Rovaniemi region.

“This is a historic event and a very unique opportunity for all the local businesses, communities and decision-makers. I believe that the benefits of sponsoring the rally will be manifold for the businesses and other stakeholders in and around Rovaniemi, thanks to the amount of international publicity and revenue streams generated by the WRC event. I see this as a much-needed boost, especially for businesses, during these rather bleak times we currently find ourselves in”, says Markku Rautio.

“When we started to figure out funding for the organising of the WRC event, Markku immediately offered to enter the negotiations, and at the same time was also building bridges between us and other possible local partner organisations. This kind of co-operation is not only very valuable for us, but also an excellent example of activities that boost local economic vitality”, enthuses the CEO of AKK Sports Riku Bitter.

The official company name of the new main partner, M. Rautio Oy, is familiar to the people of Rovaniemi especially from business ventures linked to the construction of bridges. Through the Arctic Rally Finland partnership, the M. Rautio logo will also be made familiar to an audience of tens of millions of WRC viewers – both nationally and internationally – at the end of February. 


Further information:

M. Rautio Ltd / Markku Rautio, , +358 40 515 0270

AKK Sports Ltd / Riku Bitter, , +358 400 564 255

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