Rally Finland lends its computers to students and challenges other companies

Due to the prevalent coronavirus epidemic, schools have had to close down and education has largely moved to distance learning. Neste Rally Finland has wanted to offer a helping hand and lend its laptops, that will be used during the event, to young students.

– The idea came when we got the news from the government about closing schools and moving to distance learning. After I had talked to my kids' teachers and the principal, the need for extra computers came up. Not only me but also other people in our organisation have children of school age, so different options for finding common help started to raise. 

– We happen to have dozens of computers waiting for the Summer, so in this situation, we wanted to help, upgrade the laptops already now, and make them available to schoolchildren.

– If there is any chance, we hope that other organisations and parties will also think of helping out with the current computer shortage, says Markus Häkkinen, acting CEO of AKK Sports Oy, the organiser of Neste Rally Finland. 

Photo: AKK Sports Oy

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