Rally Lounge proudly presents: KymiRing – the multi-purpose arena that benefits all Finnish motorsport

The KymiRing circuit is just about ready for the MotoGP tests taking place there on 19 – 20 August. The KTM test rider and experienced Finnish motorcycle road racing professional Mika Kallio, who has come to Jyväskylä to watch the rally, visited also the Neste Rally Finland service park to chat about his future plans etc.

You cannot overemphasise how important it is that the construction of the KymiRing circuit located in Iitti, South-Eastern Finland, is going to be completed. The track is the only one of its kind in Northern Europe and meets the requirements set for organising large-scale international racing events.

This is a big deal, especially for our junior work. We get international races and riders to Finland, and that has a huge importance for the sport, Mika Kallio says.

Our goal is to promote motorcycle road racing in Finland. Internationally, the sport is much more well-known than it is over here and the spectator numbers are very big – compared to Formula One for example, Kallio ponders.

The track that has been designed so that it takes advantage of the undulating terrain and features a great deal of elevation differences also boasts the longest straight on an European GP track, with the length of a whopping 1.2 kilometres.

We might even see a new top speed record on this straight, who knows, Kallio muses.

Watching rally is a familiar activity for the motorcycle road racer and he tries to make it to the Neste Rally Finland special stages every year.

This is a fantastic event in every way. What could be better than hiking in the forest in your rubber boots to watch some rally cars, Kallio says with a grin.

If he were to bet on the outcome of this year’s Neste Rally Finland, the answer comes after a short contemplation.

It’s the Toyota drivers that are really strong. I believe the winner will come from that team. 

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