Neste Rally Finland features the sweetest trick of the summer to promote circular economy

Neste Rally Finland, part of the World Rally Championship hosted by FIA, brings the world’s top rally drivers and co-drivers to Central Finland on 1.-4.8.2019. This year AKK, the organizer of the event, continues to refuel its diesel cars during the rally with Neste MY Renewable Diesel, and the fuel is also used to produce electricity at Neste MY Arena in Leustu, Finland.

Neste also offers a great chance to explore the opportunities of circular economy at the Neste Rally Finland, which is one of the biggest annual events in Finland. The sweetest way to promote circular solutions will be carried out by collecting the waste fats from churros, the sugared pastries, to produce Neste MY Renewable Diesel. The purpose of the Churro Trick is to raise awareness of circular economy and its potential for saving natural resources. 

The Churro Trick at Rally Finland is a summer sequel to Neste’s Ham Trick, which was a highly popular campaign in Finland to collect and recycle the waste fats from Christmas hams. Like the waste fats collected from Christmas hams, the waste fats from churros can be used as a raw material for Neste MY Renewable Diesel. The product sold in Finland is produced 100% from waste and residues.

– We have collaborated with our partners for several years to carry out the Ham Trick campaign, which has enabled us to recycle the waste fats from Christmas hams to raw materials for Neste MY Renewable Diesel. Last Christmas, 185,000 households participated in the Ham Trick and it inspired us to carry out a similar campaign at Neste Rally Finland. This is a concrete way to show people what the circular economy means and encourage them to promote it, says Sirpa Tuomi, Marketing Director at Neste and welcoming rally guests to the Neste MY Lounge in the Pavilion area to spin the wheel.

– The awards include churros or other surprises. Every spin is rewarded, Tuomi promises.

The visitors of the Neste Rally Finland can also reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% by refueling their cars with Neste MY Renewable Diesel. The product arrived last year at the Neste Saarijärventie automatic station along with the rally, and it is currently available at almost 50 Neste stations throughout Finland. Neste MY Renewable Diesel is fully compatible with current fuel distribution infrastructures and suitable for all diesel engines.

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