A forest fire warning is in force – open fire is forbidden during Neste Rally Finland

A forest fire warning is in force and starting an open fire is strictly forbidden during Neste Rally Finland 26-29 July.

Campfires or other open fires may not be lit if, because of drought, wind or other reasons, the conditions are such that there is a manifest risk of a forest fire, grass fire or other fire. 

Open fires may not be made on someone else’s land without the landowner’s permission. 

Danger of forest fires is pronounced due to soil dryness. In case of windy weather forest fires spread quickly.

Spectators are also reminded to take care of the necessary hydration during the hot days. The best drink is water.

The rally route runs through the forests, which is why it is best to prepare for example for bees by acquiring hydrocortisone from the pharmacy. The hydrocortisone is also known as “kyypakkaus” in the Finnish pharmacies.

Please take care of your rally friends!

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