Parking on the special stages

Plan your movements and schedule in advance to avoid rush and traffic jams. Obey instructions given by the security or marshals.

All the parking areas can be found from the Official Rally Magazine provided by Keskisuomalainen newspaper. It will be published on 27.7.

Parking fees – reserve cash

Please have cash with you when entering the parking areas at the special stages. Parking areas are administered by the local clubs, landowners or other private parties, not by the rally organizer. The rally organizer has strived to coordinate a parking fee of 5 EUR.

However, the fee can be different depending on the special stage and the parking area organizer. The rally organizer is unfortunately not able to control the fee and quality of all parking areas.

Road side parking

In narrow roads the parking takes place always only on one side of the road. Make sure to leave space for other cars to pass. Emergency vehicles and police must have free access all the time.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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