Parking on the special stages

Plan your movements and schedule in advance to avoid rush and traffic jams. Obey instructions given by the security or marshals.

All the parking areas can be found from the Official Rally Magazine provided by Keskisuomalainen newspaper. It will be published on July.

Parking fees – reserve cash

Please have cash with you when entering the parking areas at the special stages. Parking areas are administered by the local clubs, landowners or other private parties, not by the rally organizer. The rally organizer has strived to coordinate a parking fee of 5-10 EUR.

However, the fee can be different depending on the special stage and the parking area organizer. The rally organizer is unfortunately not able to control the fee and quality of all parking areas.

Road side parking

In narrow roads the parking takes place always only on one side of the road. Make sure to leave space for other cars to pass. Emergency vehicles and police must have free access all the time.

Night Parking

  • Shakedown Rannankylä
    • P2
  • Laukaa
    • P2, P3, P5, P7
  • Lankamaa
    • P1, P3, P5
  • Myhinpää
    • P2, P3, P4
  • Halttula
    • P4, P5
  • Västilä
    • P1, P2
  • Päijälä
    • P2, P5
  • Rapsula
    • P3, P4, P10
  • Vekkula
    • P1, P5, P6
  • Moksi-Sahloinen
    • P1
  • Himos-Jämsä
    • P1, P4

Please see the Official Programme for parking places.

Parking in Jyväskylä City Center

It is important for the rally audience driving to Jyväskylä to take into account the area parking ban in the city center and many residential areas. Parking is allowed only in designated parking spaces marked with a blue P-sign within the restricted parking zone. It is also advisable to remember the off-road parking ban, according to the off-road traffic law, in urban parks, green areas, forests, and unused lands while searching for parking.

For those coming to Lutakko, it is recommended to use the parking garages and parking areas in Jyväskylä city center. During the rally, parking space in Lutakko is available only in the P-Paviljonki 1 underground parking hall located below Lutakonaukio, and it is subject to capacity limitations.

Due to the Harju special stage, parking is completely prohibited on the closed street sections from 3rd to 4th August. The audience is advised to use the city center parking garages and parking areas for public parking.

Only half of the parking spaces at Kuokkala’s Ryytipolku parking area will be available from 3rd to 6th August.

Parking control will be in place around Lutakko and the harbor area as usual, and vehicles causing traffic disturbances or parked incorrectly will be towed away if necessary.


Disabled vehicles, motorcycles, and taxis

During the Harju special stage on Thursday, 3rd August, and Friday evening, 4th August, parking spaces are reserved for disabled vehicles at Nisulankatu 78 courtyard. Space for motorcycles with a Biker’s Pass is provided on Harjukatu.

The taxi stand on Uno Savolan katu will be relocated to Piippukadun kääntöpaikka during the rally period from 21st July to 10th August. In addition to this, the nearby Matkakeskuksen taxi stand and the harbor taxi stand will serve the rally audience.

Changes to public transportation

Due to the closed streets during the Harju special stage, bus routes will be altered. The following bus stops will be temporarily out of service during the special stages: Tilausajo 10, Kirjasto 3, and Yliopistonkatu 1 and 2.


Thank you for your cooperation!

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