Overnight Parking

  • Shakedown Vesala, at parking areas P1 & P2.
  • SS 7/11 Kakaristo, weather permitting at parking areas P2, P6 and P8.
  • SS 7/11 Kakaristo, the parking area near the spectator area C IS FULL!
  • SS 8/12 Päijälä, at parking area P1, not at P5.
  • EK 9/13 Arvaja, at parking area P3. Please note also the Kakaristo speactator area C overnight parking nearby!
  • EK 16/18 Laukaa, at parking areas P3 & P5.
  • SS 17/19 Ruuhimäki, at parking area P2.

Most overnight parking areas are weather dependent and this page will always be updated with the latest information. Overnight parking must always be done according to instructions at the site and only where explicitly allowed.

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