Harju VIP

Atmospheric VIP ecperience in the heart of the city!

The very popular Harju city special stage has been seasoned with a new route and a completely new driving concept. The first run on the special stage on Thursday will be the opening of the race and the lap will be run twice.

The terrace area of Harju Stadium’s event yard offers a great view right to the special stage. The event area expands inside the Stadium, offering guests more space to dine, move around and socialize. You can also see and follow the competition on the screen of our comfortable VIP area.

VIP Harju includes

  • High-quality food station service (Food Camp Finland)
  • Welcome drink
  • Stylish VIP area and its own bar & waiters
  • Unobstructed view to the special stage
  • Real-time results service
  • VIP staff and host
  • VIP sanitary facilities
  • Admission to the special stage

VIP Harju 1, Thursday, 4 August

Open 17:00 – 23:00
SS 1 starts at 19:08*
Price 299 €/person/event (+VAT 24%)
*First car starts the stage

Food Station Menu Thursday


  • Beef tartar with Dijon senap and pickled onions
  • Marinated tomatos with feta cheese and basil
  • Smoked salmon with summer potatos and dill


  • Roasted pork with summer cabbages and brown butter vinaigrette ”Bearnaise”
  • Fish cake with marinated vegetables and ginger mayo
  • Crispy chicken with sweet potato fryers and chili aioli
  • Vegetable ”Sloppy Joe” hotdog


  • Blueberry pie

VIP Harju 2, Friday, 5 August

Open 12:00 – 18:00
SS 6 starts at 14:30*
Price 299 €/person/event (+VAT 24%)
*First car starts the stage

Food Station Menu Friday


  • Air dried ham with marinated tomatos and parmesan creme
  • Summer potatos with smoked egg white and ransom
  • Cauliflower with roe and tarragon


  • Beef ”Burgundy”, and ”Lappish Puikula” -potatos
  • Fish cake with marinated vegetables and ginger mayo
  • Gourmet hot dog
  • Vegetable pita with tzatsiki and chili


  • Cookie

Note! Harju VIP events are restricted from persons under 18 years of old.

All rights to changes are reserved.

Sales and further information

Teija Mäkinen
VIP Production, Partner Sales
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