The Official Program by Keskisuomalainen published!

The Official Program of Secto Rally Finland has been published by the Keskisuomalainen news paper.

The printed version of the program can be bought from the same stations where the physical rally passes of the event are sold.

The price of the printed program is 2 EUR.

Sales locations

Shell Express Hartola / KuninkaanporttiKeskustie 2, 19600 Hartola
Shell JämsäKauhkialantie 116, 42100 Jämsä
Shell KangasniemiPieksämäentie 2, 51200 Kangasniemi
Shell Laukaa/LievestuoreLiepeentie 2A, 41400 Lievestuore
Shell MuurameMuuramentie 69, 40950 Muurame

Shell Äänekoski / HirvaskangasSuonenjoentie 9, 44250 Hirvaskangas

The printed version will be also circulated to the Keskisuomalainen subscribers. It will be shared also to Jyväskylä hotels and Paviljonki Service Park.

Digital version free for everyone

Here you can read the digital version for free:

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