Spirit of Community Reflected in the Renewed Rally Finland Logo

The Finnish round of the FIA World Rally Championship, Rally Finland, driven 29 July – 1 August 2021 on the gravel roads of Central Finland have unveiled their renewed event logo. The logo, stylised in a sleek and streamlined design language, incorporates symbolism that is characteristic to the legendary event.

The colours of the Finnish flag, the midnight sun, the rolling gravel roads, rally car tyres… In the new-look Rally Finland logo it is easy to see various different parts and components from a number of elements closely connected to the event.  

“We wanted to design a clean and sleek logo, where the main focus is on the name of the event. The international name of the Finnish round of the FIA World Rally Championship, Rally Finland, in itself evokes strong images of this legendary rally rich in tradition, and these images are supported by the arch-shaped circles of the logo. Each rally fan and spectator can then find themselves the associations and interpretations that are the most meaningful for them. For us they represent – in addition to the rally symbolism ­– Finnishness and the sense of community. The biggest annual sports event in Finland brings together a wide range of spectators, competitors, rally-makers, event partners and regional stakeholders from all walks of life, making Rally Finland the unique ‘tapestry’ with a strong spirit of community that it has been for 70 years already,” describes the acting CEO of rally organiser AKK Sports, Markus Häkkinen

The renewed logo will be launched on the digital channels of the event at the turn of the year, and from the beginning of the year onwards, all the other Rally Finland channels, publications, merchandise and materials will be gradually updated with the new-look logo.  

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