Confident Rovanperä in control in WRC2

Kalle Rovanperä admits he’s surprised to be leading WRC2 on Neste Rally Finland by more than 50 seconds but puts it down to high confidence levels in his factory ŠKODA Fabia R5.

The 17-year-old Finn heads compatriot Eerik Pietarinen by 54,0s.

“Everything is going well and I am confident,” he said. “The lead is a surprise but when I am driving and it’s going really well I know I am fast.”

He continued: “I’ve not had any issues but the stages are really difficult, you can make a lot of mistakes and if you make a mistake in these stages it’s game over almost every time or you have a big problem. But I’m not making any mistakes and it’s going really well [although] I am concerned because yesterday, in the afternoon, it was really rough but I hope we can avoid all the rocks.”

Photo: Toni Ollikainen / AKK

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